Trigula Collection 3 Gold Color


3 gold color 14k ring- Yellow white and Rose Gold Trigula Collection

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Trigula Collection 3 Gold Color


From our tri-gold collection, we are proudly showcasing this multicolored 14K golden ring. using a special laser cut technique, the different golds are divided in this beautiful oblique manner, presenting all shades equally. This diagonal design immediately catches the eye, as the golds will look completely different on every woman. A whimsical yet elegant gift for a loved one on a special day, a golden wedding if a fun thought.

Trigula Collection 3 Gold Color Ring

ספּעציעלע ינגרייווינגז זענען פאַראַנען אָן אַדישנאַל אָפּצאָל.

Price quote is based on the current gold price and dollar exchange rate.

יעדער שטיק אין אונדזער זאַמלונגען איז האַנדקראַפטעד פּער סדר, צו גלייַכן דיין תאוות און פּערזענלעך געשמאַק.



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3 F 4 44
3.5 G 6 46
4 H 7 47
4.5 I 8 48
5 K 10 50
5.5 L 11 51
6 M 12 52
6.5 N 13 53
7 O 15 55
7.5 P 16 56
8 Q 17 57
8.5 R 19 59
9 S 20 60

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