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Solitèr Oval fòm

Bag Angajman

Oval diamond center stone solitaire design with 1.30ct engagement ring

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Solitèr Oval fòm


Ensnaring your senses with this dazzling hand-crafted oval solitaire engagement ring. In a 1.30ct it is absolutely unforgettable. The solitaire oval 1.30ct brilliant delicately framed by a 18K White gold Ring. This superlative stone is Enveloped by a 4 prong frame which enhances her fiery light, flickering with every move.

Central stone diamond weight: 1.30CT

Koulè dyaman: D-G

Diamond Klate: VS-SI

Gold color: 18K White gold

*This setting is available in 14K or 18K White, Yellow or Rose gold and can be personalized with a special engraving, with no additional fee.

*Gravure espesyal ki disponib ak okenn frè adisyonèl.

*All the diamonds embedded in our jewelry are Gemological Certificates of the GIAGemological Institute with strict standards and strict rating processes.

*Center stones weighing up to 0.75ct will require additional fee for a Gemological Certificate.

*Se pri Price ki baze sou pri lò aktyèl la ak pousantaj dechanj dola.

*Chak moso nan koleksyon nou yo se atizanal pou chak lòd ak alokasyon endividyèl elèv yo, matche ak dezi ou ak gou pèsonèl



3 F 4 44
3.5 G 6 46
4 H 7 47
4.5 Mwen 8 48
5 K 10 50
5.5 L 11 51
6 M 12 52
6.5 N 13 53
7 LA 15 55
7.5 P 16 56
8 K 17 57
8.5 R 19 59
9 S 20 60

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