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गोल चमकदार 2.00ct


Round Brilliant 2.00ct Diamond Ear-studs with Alpha Back Fittings

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गोल चमकदार 2.00ct


Ideal for daily wear, this beautiful pair of round brilliant cut diamond ear-studs are the perfect touch of glam for a playful yet polished look. Held by a 4-Claw elegant frame of 18K White gold, the solitaire 1.00ct diamond features a minimalistic design, combining grace and luxury with effortless style. Intricate alpha back fitting, designed for comfort and a secure fit will make sure those sparkling gems stay close.

Round Brilliant Diamond Ear-Studs

एकूण हिरा वजन: 2.00सीटी

हिरा रंग: डी एच

हिरा स्पष्टता: VS1-SI2

Shown in 18K white gold: 14 के किंवा 18 के व्हाइटमध्ये उपलब्ध, Yellow or Red gold

Personalized design is possible from 0.30ct for a single piece.

All the diamonds embedded in our jewelry are Gemological Certificates of the GIAGemological Institute with strict standards and strict rating processes.

Center stones weighing less than 0.75ct will require additional fee for a Gemological Certificate.

किंमत कोट सध्याच्या सोन्याच्या किंमती आणि डॉलर विनिमय दरावर आधारित आहे.

आमच्या संग्रहातील प्रत्येक तुकडा प्रति ऑर्डर आणि वैयक्तिक भत्ता हस्ताक्षरित आहे, आपल्या इच्छा आणि वैयक्तिक चव जुळण्यासाठी.


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