Pearls and diamond elegant


These exquisite natural pink pearl stud earrings, symbolizing abundance and wisdom, are the perfect bridal attire. The half pearls are set in the core of a brilliant 16 gem round halo, demanding the attention it deserves as a focal point and complimenting the luxurious motif of your most special day. The 14K White gold frame illuminates the shine of the diamonds, emphasizing the glorious orb of the rose pearl, for a classic final touch. As do all natural pearls, most have truly stunning overtones displaying a multicolored iridescence, making each pair unique, and the complimenting color may change accordingly.

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Pearls and diamond elegant



Stunning pearl and diamond stud earrings

Stunning pearl and diamond stud earrings

以14K白金显示: available in 14K or 18K White or Yellow gold.


我们系列中的每一件都是根据订单和个人津贴手工制作的, 符合您的欲望和个人品味.