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Full Band Emerald Diamond

Engagement Ring

Eternity full band emerald diamond cut with  2.90ct total weight.


  • 14K
  • 18K
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Full Band Emerald Diamond

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Follow the emerald brick road. Formed by a continues band of perfectly identical gems, the eternity ring is known to be a powerful symbol of everlasting love. This 18K White Gold ring cradles a 2.90ct tw emerald cut diamonds, nestled side by side to create a uniform, never ending circle, crafted skillfully to embody the immortal connection of two souls in love.

Full Band Emerald Diamond

Total diamond weight: 2.90ct

Diamond color: E-F

Diamond Clarity: VS collection

Shown in 18k White gold: available in 14K or 18k White, Yellow or Rose gold

Price quote is on ring size 54 shown in the photo, and on the current gold price and dollar exchange rate.

Each piece in our collections is Handcrafted per order and individual allowance, to match your desires and personal taste



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3 F 4 44
3.5 G 6 46
4 H 7 47
4.5 I 8 48
5 K 10 50
5.5 L 11 51
6 M 12 52
6.5 N 13 53
7 O 15 55
7.5 P 16 56
8 Q 17 57
8.5 R 19 59
9 S 20 60

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