14K Yellow Gold Disc Choker


Disc Adjustable Length Necklace

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14K Yellow Gold Disc Choker


A powerful silhouette dominates this style of 14K Yellow gold choker necklace. The adjustable back clasp will regulate the length of the necklace so it will curve perfectly around your neck. The close fit radiated royal elegance, like an empress of ancient Greece. The entourage of smooth medallions are entwined closely together for a composed finished look, making this piece suit all outfits and an ideal choice for everyday wear.

14K Yellow Gold Disc Choker Necklace

Adjustable Length Necklace (adjusts to 17″ or 18″)

Price quote is based on the current gold price and dollar exchange rate.

Each piece in our collections is Handcrafted per order and individual allowance, to match your desires and personal taste.



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