Par mums

Dana Sharir, a jewelry designer with Ten years of experience in the fashion industry, channeled her combined love of art, jewelry, and fashion into creating limited edition, one of a kind, glamorous pieces for the modern woman.

The company goal is to bring to make your dream come true through special designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Jewelry made for women that are seeking a unique and rare work of art. And jewelry crafted for men who are seeking more rugged pieces that mix black diamonds, various metals, and gemstones.

DVA is a unique jewelry boutique that specializes in designing and manufacturing luxury and customized jewelry. Our pieces combine modern design with timeless classics which are exclusively manufactured in the DVA studio at the Israeli diamond exchange.

We make your dreams come true. Every piece starts as a special idea that evolves into a piece of jewelry handcrafted with the top quality diamonds, gemstones, and pearls.


Kolekcija ar spēcīgu un drosmīgu dizainu, kas atklāj juteklisku un pārliecinātu sievieti.